Girls Like Me Project, Inc.

Girls Like Me Project believes that although African-American girls are disproportionately targeted by devaluing stereotypes and media messages of misogyny, self-hate, and destructive behavior that adversely normalizes circumstances of poverty and violence, a strong sense of self-efficacy and awareness can transform them into change agents for social good.

Our Mission…

GLMPI mission is to partner with organizations and institutions to better navigate the negative stigmas and media messages that influence African-American girls.  Our power is in providing girls the tools that empower them to set goals for personal excellence, transform their communities, and foster global sisterhood.

Participants build skills in critical thinking, digital storytelling, conflict resolution, leadership, and advocacy.

Girls Like Me Programming

GLMPI applies the 3E approach to our programming.

  • Exposure
  • Examination
  • Engagement

Group Mentoring: Girls come together as a group to discuss life situations in a safe and open forum where they form bonds of sisterhood, learn to lift each other up; and reflect on their individual impact in their community.

Girls Like Me Read-Book Club (3 week): Collectively review and analyze culturally relevant reading material that allows girls to recognize cultural, social and environmental messages similar to their reality; participants practice critically analysis of a story (plot, setting, dialogue); final phase of this project allow girls to create their own works of fiction (short story or novella) or poetry/rap.

Digital Innovative Voices of Advocacy Sisters: Girls learn to monitor and critically examine the media they consume, ultimately becoming empowered to document their realities to share experiences through digital media (film/photography/blogging/audio). This helps them break down and resist stereotypes, misogyny, and oppressive images that stifle their potential. Their work will be used across trans-media platforms as a social activism tool. Girls are also partnered with local businesses for professional development in communications.

Chicago Day of the Girl:  Culminating event observing International Day of the Girl as declared by the United Nations. In October 2012, GLMPI was recognized as the pioneer organization in Chicago hosting this monumental day for urban girls in Chicago (10-19) along with their caregivers. This flagship event has grown to include community resources, break out seminars and workshops geared to health and wellness, building life skills, setting goals, understanding adolescent children, gender violence and other pressing global issues girls face.

*Curriculum and outcomes align with Common Core State Standards

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